DOLCENERA (Comixiade, Pancevo, november 2011)

This comic was drawn by Arianna Vairo from Italy and Giorge Roman and Cristian Prandea from Romania. It was created during the comic jam in Pancevo, Serbia, where the main theme was 'violence'. Arianna explains the comic as follows:

"This comic is based on the text of a beautiful song by Fabrizio de Andrè, one of the most important italian singers/poets/songwriters, active from the 1960's until his death in 1999.

Dolcenera tells the story of a terrible flood that struck the city of Genova (where De Andrè was born) in 1970. The water invading the city, killing and destroying everything on it's way, is sweet and black ('dolce-nera') a being of 'natural violence'. The description of the climax of this metereological disaster is alternated with the description of the climax of a secret meeting - the woman is married - between two lovers. They don't know death is coming and they continue to make love until the water arrives.

In the beginning of November 2011, when we were working on this wordless scenario, Genova was struck by a huge inundation, the biggest since 1970."

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